I recently made the decision of starting my own blog. I always thought that you would have to be an excellent writer to start your own blog. But following intensive research I have come to the conclusion that blogging is merely a way to teach others or share information in a conversational manner.

With this in mind I decided to give it a go. Now you might ask what are the reasons or benefits of having your own blog? Here I like to share with you 3 reasons why I believe most small business owners would benefit from their own blogging platform.

1. Boost to Search Engine Optimisation

When I started studying web design and educating myself on how to achieve a better ranking in the search results on Google and other search engines, I quickly discovered, that just having a website simply doesn’t cut it – especially if you have a large competition.

There are several companies out there that are more established and larger than my own freelance business. Larger companies also tend to spend a lot more on advertising to have their websites shown in the top ranks. If you run a small business, chances are that you don’t have a large advertising budget and therefore need to rely on organic traffic.

That’s where blogging comes in. Major search engines love new and relevant content, therefore blogging provides an inexpensive and effective way to create fresh content that can be indexed by search engines. In fact I noticed a difference with my own website when I started blogging a few weeks ago. My website has climbed up the ranks on several search engines for specific keywords ever since I published my first few blogs.

2. Develop A Relationship with Existing Or Potential New Customers & Create Value

Blogging provides an opportunity to connect with your new and existing customers in a more conversational manner and is a good way of building trust through content that your visitors find relevant.

With my blog posts I’m aiming to share helpful tips and tricks that I have learned myself over the last few months. I want my blog posts to be helpful to existing small business owners or someone who is just starting out on their new business venture.

With blogging, you’re giving your customers something for free before they might decide to make a purchase. Think about what helpful insights you could share about your service or product. Is there something that your target audience would love knowing about and could be benefiting from?

3. Brand Awareness

Blogging is an important part of marketing and an excellent way of showing your personal side of your business. Through your blog your visitors can get to know you and the vision that you have for your company. What does your company stand for or potentially does differently to your competitors?

Incorporating a blog in your marketing plan will provide instant exposure of your brand on various platforms including social media. A great way to increase the visibility is posting a link to your blog article on your Facebook Business Page or create a pin and share your article out on Pinterest.

So if you are offering a service or product and have something that could benefit your existing and new customers, go ahead and include a blog on your website. If you need help with the set-up of your blog please get in touch here. I’d love to help you achieve a better exposure of your business online.